Still with me? Good, I’m glad we’ve made it this far.


To derive any value from most worthy things in life, one must invest time and resources. If you are the kind of gentleman who understand this concept, then consider this a prelude to a distinctly delightful  journey.


  I divide my time between just a few encounters in order to pamper and be pampered in the best life has to offer.  I prefer taking the time to get to know each other, to really get a sense of YOU so that we have a magnificent experience and leave each other revitalized looking forward to our next encounter. This sort of thing just cannot be rushed. As they say, "fine wine is not made in an hour," and a fulfilling experience with me recommends at least two.


  I would also be very happy to be your private consierge and arrange for a meeting location or plan for a great time on the town.  I know your busy, relax I got this.


  Where am I, where are you and where shall we?  It's all simple geography and I would be very happy to meet you anywhere the urge strikes.  I've structured  my considerations (especially those for extended engagements) to be inclusive of travel expenses within the U.S. If I should require any additional expenditure to meet your request I will be sure to address those with you early on. 



  A 50% deposit can be asked for at my discretion, especially if we are planning an extensive amount of time together or if any traveling is involved.


 Don’t worry there are many ways to handle these matters discreetly without compromising your privacy and I will be glad to walk you through it.




   I appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule. All cancellations within 24 hours will result in a 50% fee. Within 12 hours, I require a 100% fee,  including no-show. Cancellation fees are charged discreetly and must be paid within a day or risk being blacklisted in our small yet mighty community. You will not be able to schedule another meeting with me if you have an outstanding balance. Your understanding is much appreciated.




  Although I truly prefer longer engagements, I understand time is a commodity not everyone holds the luxury of having, which is why I am willing to consider accommodating shorter engagements where we can test our time management skills and be creative with our encounter.


 If you should desire an encounter in which you do not see presented on this page, please inquire as I am happy to discuss customized arrangements.


 YOU, ME and... 

 I have some wonderful friends that I can invite to partake in our ventures. Shall this ever interest you, just ask, whatever you fancy...

I absolutely love sharing my time with couples. I require a 90 minute minimum and please add $500 for our experience.


I not only prefer but encourage a long lasting fulfilling mutual relationship. This option allows us to have a monthly, semi or fully exclusive arrangement with one another. Let us create the ideal arrangement, our terms, our rules. The best of both worlds does exists and why not have it all?

90 min.........$1,000

2 Hours.......$1,500

3 Hours.......$2,000

4 Hours.......$2,500

6 Hours.......$3,500

Inquire about each additional partial or full day.

*Naturally the above considerations are stated for my time and companionship only.

  I am based in Washington DC and available to host or be hosted in: Richmond, VA. Baltimore, MD. Philadelphia, PA  and everywhere in between. 
  Shall you desire a date adventure elsewhere Fly Me to You the minimum of a  3 Hour consideration is required. 
Please note that same day and last minute request are highly unlikely to NEW friends.  Pre-booking, Screening and some planning is required on my end.