We are soo close...


When contacting me please make sure to include when, where and for how long you would like to meet.


Also be sure to include your Name, phone number, contact preferences, desired date, time, and length of booking and a verification method such as P411. However, employment details are my verification preference. 


Please provide at least two of the following:

- A copy of your driver's license

- A copy of your business card

- A company website link where you are clearly listed as an employee/owner/contractor etc.

- An email from your work email address (to prove that you own the email account)

- Specific instructions on how to verify you through contacting your place of work


 If this method does not apply, because your self employed or independently wealthy please tell me about your current situation when contacting me and we’ll find an alternative.

  Perhaps you rather use the reference of someone you have seen before under similar circumstances. In which case I will need 2 references; their names, website and contact information.


  Please know that discretion is paramount, I handle sensitive information with a priority of deleting any and all screening information you provide once verified. I am the only person that will see anything you provide to me.

  Most importantly when contacting me, I want you to tell me about YOU and what you want of our time together to be.

I am here for you and want to get a sense of all of you.


 I can't wait to read from you.

Please send email to vipannasofia (at) protonmail (dot) com