As we all face this global pandemic I have chosen to do my part and participate in social distancing. This leaves us learning a new way to fill that void for human connection. If you are anything like me, your preference is an in person meet where you’d be able to smell my flowing hair as I reach in for a hug, or feel my soft kiss on your'…, However these times have left us with a challenge of  creating our own little world where there can be some relief  from your quarantine life.  Your' escapism, something to look forward to, someone to take your mind off THIS…let us begin to define our virtual connection. 


What does this look like? I am glad you asked.  It's like living in a dream and I will be your guide.

  • Back and fourth stimulating dialog with visuals via txt/email. 

  • Custom private video/image. I'll make something special for you. 

  • Or perhaps you are more partially inclined to me more interactive by sending in a toy that we can both enjoy. Watch me wear something you picked out. What can I do while I wear it? Maybe I can send you the panties I sleep in? ... 


We can explore so many options. My “Breath of Fresh Air packages range from  $350/week. With discreet payment methods and encrypted chatting options. For inquiries and arrangements email : 


If we haven’t met I will need to screen you. I will also be updating my wish list if you rather contribute there. 


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